Behind Every Great Man…

It has always been said that behind every great man is a great woman. And in a way it has always been true. Behind every man that has ever been born, every soldier, politician, king, or president, is a woman, more importantly, a mother. To say that being a mother is the hardest job in the world is to undermine motherhood. Being a mother is not a job, it is not an occupation, one can’t quit it when one grows tired or burns out. A mother can’t be promoted, demoted, or fired. A mom can’t take a leave of absence, a holiday, or a vacation. When you become a mother, you will always be a mother. You can’t lose it, even if, God forbid, you lose your children. You will never grow out of it, or grow too old for it. Your children will never be too young, or too old to need a mother. They won’t be too independent, too strong, or too happy, to the point that they would never need you. You will always be needed. You will always be wanted. You will always be loved.

Motherhood is not a job, it isn’t an occupation, it is a way of life. To all the mothers out there, whether you be a veteran, or a rookie, happy mother’s day. You are loved. You are important. But more than that, your little sacrifices everyday are appreciated. You work behind the scenes, you orchestrate our success. We would not be who we are without you. We love you!


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