How “How I Met Your Mother” Broke My Heart

***Disclaimer: Spoilers for How I Met Your Mother Finale below. Proceed at your own risk.***


I have an addictive personality. When I love something, I have no problem overindulging myself. So when I first laid my eyes upon How I Met Your Mother albeit it be through commercials via Star World and small clips here and there almost 8 years ago, I knew it was something different. Yes, it was a sitcom, an apparently dying TV format. Yes, it had a laugh track. And yes, it had a token douchebag who was a womanizer. But it also had a continuing storyline about how Ted Mosby met the mother of his children. It was funny without being dumb, it was sentimental without being corny, and it was witty without being offensive. After watching the first few episodes, I binge watched it until the latest season, Season 3, at that time and I’ve been following it, downloading episode week to week, ever since.

I grew attached to it. It became a permanent schedule of mine every Tuesday morning, I’d go online and download the latest episode. And I, not only, became a fan, but a fanboy, someone who could see no wrong in the show, someone who blindly accepts anything that this show throws at me, and someone who would defend it with ferocity and loyalty. Fast forward to 2013, Season 9 was about to start, and fans were complaining about how the season’s format was gonna be handled, stretching the whole season in 1 week, but I wasn’t. I was excited and I still loved it. The finale was fast approaching, theories were popping up online like mushrooms, and fans were talking right and left, posting things on facebook, blogs, and forums about their theories. Mid season, a theory popped up that the Mother dies by the end of it, that the story was being told to the kids because their mother died and Ted was simply trying to help his children get to know their mom. But even Cristin Milioti, the Mother herself, debunked that theory via an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. But in the end of it she did, SHE DID DIE. And it broke my heart, it broke me as a person. My heart shattered, because I was rooting for her and Ted, I was rooting for his happy ending. So here are 5 things I would change if I could about the finale:



If you follow this show religiously, then you know that apart from Ted, there was only one person Robin was truly gonna be happy with, and that was Barney. In season 8, they even did this episode of Barney constructing this whole play from the Playbook just so that he could propose to Robin. They. Were. Meant. For. Each. Other. They should have stayed together, adopted children, grew old, and in the end, spent the last minutes of the show in The Front Porch, with Ted and the Mother, and, Lily and Marshall.


 The series finale showed the Mother and Ted having children first and then waiting 7 years to get married. What should have happened was that when the Mother told Ted that she was pregnant, Ted should have married her the next day, in an impromptu wedding, with only their loved ones, in the lighthouse where Ted originally proposed. That would’ve been romantic and perfect.


I am for Barney having a child, but not if it isn’t with Robin. After they got divorced in the first half of the finale, I was expecting them to reconcile on the second half, decide to get remarried and raise a family. Because Barney and Robin together just MAKES SENSE.


In Season 9, we saw Ted finally let Robin go like the balloon he once was best friends with. So isn’t it just right to leave their story to that, as friends who were supportive of each other, who had feelings for each other but were able to move on? Didn’t they both deserve their own happy endings? Why would the writers let us go through the whole show expecting Ted to be in love with the Mother when they were gonna let Ted and Robin end up together? Aunt Robin should’ve been with Uncle Barney.


This is, perhaps, the most heartbreaking of all. Fine, don’t give me Robin and Barney, fine don’t give me The Front Porch Ending but don’t kill the Mother. DON’T. KILL. THE. MOTHER. Have you no heart? You made us fall in love with this amazing woman without even showing her face for the whole series. You made us guess, theorize and conspire about who she was. And in the Season 8 finale, finally introduce her. Let us fall in love with her all over again, in season 9, and to just take all of that away just as the show was about to wrap, isn’t that a whole new level of cruel? Isn’t it like ripping our hearts out of our chests? We’ve been rooting for her, cheering her on. We cried when she cried, laughed when she laughed, and became happy when she was happy. But to take all of that away in one sentence, “And I carried it with me when she got sick…”

No, she should’ve lived a long happy life with Ted and her kids, with Marshall, Lily and their kids, and Robin, Barney and their kids, on The Front Porch of their house on a Sunday afternoon, where the breeze was easy, the sun shone bright, and the day was perfect. That would have been the finale deserving of the fans’ love.




2 thoughts on “How “How I Met Your Mother” Broke My Heart

  1. You’re right about Robin & Barney. I mean, half of season 9 was dedicated to them. I wanted them to get back together too. And I didn’t like the fact that Barney had to have a kid with Number 31 to “change”, I mean he already did when he was with Robin… And Playbook II. Okay na kasi nung nagpropose siya kay Robin and he burnt the first one even if it’s fake. And it was perfect when Ted let go of Robin when she said she should be with him.


    I guess it never really ends the way we want it to end.


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