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I Am Broken and It’s OK.

It’s been no secret to any of my former church leaders that it has been a struggle for me spiritually when we moved from the Philippines to Australia. It has been hard on me. It wasn’t easy, it was quite difficult. And my relationship with the Lord did not come out of it unscathed, on the contrary, it … Continue reading

The Golden Rule of Growing Up

I mean, we all know that little weird boy who grew up to be a hot guy, or the little girl with buck tooth turn into a supermodel-esque woman, or even that ugly duckling turn into a beautiful swan. Continue reading

Yes, I Am Fat

They tell me I do a good job when I get good grades at school, succeed at something or see that I work hard, what they don’t tell me is that I’m a great singer (because, let’s face it, I’m not) or that I’m a great dancer (because I can’t dance for my life). But will that stop me from singing at a karaoke bar? No, I’m still gonna belt out a huge song even if my voice is out of tune. Will it stop me from dancing like crazy on a dance floor? No, I’m gonna flail and flap even if I’m out of rhythm. Why? Because it’s fun. Continue reading

How To Deal With People Who Do Not Use Proper Grammar

If you’ve ever come across this thing called the Internet, then you could, more or less, relate to and understand and maybe even know some of the people I am going to talk about. We all know them, we might even have them in our friend list: people who don’t know the difference between your … Continue reading

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