The Down Lo: Ricky Lo’s Interview Blunders

A good start can determine the flow and the mood of the interview. Manny started with, “How are you, ms. Anne?” Very simple, very polite and a conversation starter. From there, the interview flowed.


If you’ve been on the internet lately or if you’ve gone to the cinema you would know about Anne Hathaway‘s amazing Les Miserablés performance. Now, I have liked Anne since her Princess Diaries days but I completely fell in love with her in The Devil Wears Prada, but was she really rude to Ricky Lo or did Ricky Lo fail as an interviewer? I’ve always seen Anne as a lovable, inspirational and amazing actress, so why is it that her interview with Ricky felt awkward and uncomfortable? But don’t just take my word for it, watch the video below:

See what I mean? It felt like she couldn’t wait till the interview was over and so did I. If you dissect the interview, you would notice that Ricky’s very first question was about Anne’s weight. That in itself is offensive. An actress shouldn’t be asked about her weight let alone be asked in that manner. Actors are chameleons they should be able to adapt to any role they are given, if that means gaining a pound or 10 pounds shouldn’t really matter. They are expected to shed their personas, their own goals, their own motivations and take on the persona, the goals and the motivation of their character. Why does it matter if Anne lost or gained weight? And if this question really can’t be avoided Ricky shouldn’t have said, “How did you lose it [25 pounds] and how did you gain it back?” Isn’t that really offensive? What do you mean, Ricky? That she gained weight? It would have been better if Ricky were to say, “Anne, you look sensational. May I ask how you prepared physically for the role of Fantine because I know you lost 25 pounds, was it hard?” That would’ve been a little more appropriate. Second, was how the interview felt like it wasn’t a free flowing conversation, it didn’t feel natural, it felt scripted, it felt stiff, it felt boring, it felt lifeless. Anne wasn’t rude, the questions were rude and if you’re dealing with an international actor, you would know that you would get the same response. Anne felt uncomfortable, Ricky felt uncomfortable and so the audience would also feel uncomfortable. Ricky is a seasoned interviewer, he should have known better.

Now let me point your attention to Manny The Movie Guy’s interview:

Do you see the difference? Do you see how accommodating and friendly Anne was? Do you see how she laughed and joked with Manny? This is the Anne I know! Lovable. Cute. Friendly. AMAZING.

A good start can determine the flow and the mood of the interview. Manny started with, “How are you, ms. Anne?” Very simple, very polite and a conversation starter. From there, the interview flowed. Flattery, in the end, will get you far and Manny saying that Anne will win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress did a lot for Anne’s ego. Many will say, Anne doesn’t have an ego, she’s nice and lovable, but just because someone’s nice doesn’t mean they don’t have an ego, in fact, EVERYBODY HAS AN EGO. And Anne (I just love her) is like everybody else and that means she does have an ego. The interview went so flawlessly, give or take a critique. The only thing that kinda shocked me was how loud Manny’s voice was, but other than that, the interview, Anne Hathaway was divine.

All in all, you really see who Anne Hathaway is, she’s a wonderful actress and an amazing person. What you realize is that it wasn’t Anne who made it uncomfortable, it was Ricky Lo. Maybe it’s time to hang the pen and retire, Mr. Lo? Give way to younger reporters who actually have a clue.

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