Review Round-Up: New Shows On The CW

If you’re a Gossip Girl fan like me then you are probably familiar with The CW. Well, this fall The CW has 2 new shows that made it to my radar: Arrow and Beauty and The Beast. And so I decided to watch these shows to see if they did live up to the hype The CW advertised they had.


When I first heard about Arrow 3 months ago (I think) via Facebook of my cousin, I thought that it would be a nice addition to the CW Family. With Gossip Girl wrapping up in 11 episodes or less, I was looking for a show that I could watch after it…and I think I found it. Arrow isn’t a light-hearted take on superheroes. It’s new, addictive and most importantly, well written. Oliver Queen’s back story is so dark that it even has a Batman-esque feeling to it. Dark past, murdered parent, billion dollar company: totally Batman and yet it’s not. Arrow experienced something Batman never did, being stranded in an island for 5 years. I recommend you watch this interesting take on Green Arrow. If there’s a downside it’s this, I hate the actor playing Oliver’s sister. I guess, I will always see Will  Holland as Agnes, the scheming model who brought Jenny so much trouble, from Gossip Girl. I never liked her, not then and certainly not now. Aside from that, everything’s good. I certainly recommend watching it.


Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and the Beast, no not the one from Disney and certainly not that good. I’ll get to the point here, this one was a hit and a miss. If there’s anything I learned from watching CW shows is that they always pick gorgeous casts, and this show was no exception. The lead cast was gorgeous, but is that enough to make me wanna watch it again? No. The cast may be shiny and sparkly but the plot is lack luster. Boring is too exciting of a word to use for what this show is. It felt like time flew by slowly and that I’ve been watching it for a long 2 hours even though it’s a short 44 minutes. Vincent’s back story is kinda tired and Catherine’s is a little over-used. Vincent enlists on the Iraq war and gets experimented on (haven’t we seen that somewhere).Catherine’s mom was killed in front of her (what’s new). And Vincent saves her using his experimentally gained powers. And the show revolves around Catherine trying to find out why her mom got murdered. Typical = Boring and Boring = Low Ratings, Low Ratings = Cancellation. I’m not watching the next episode, I just can’t watch it long enough to take it seriously.

Up Coming Shows

Now that Gossip Girl is scheduled to end before Christmas, I checked out The CW’s January line up and I saw something interesting. There is a scheduled mid-season replacement for Gossip Girl, The Carrie Diaries. This show has been on my radar because it is a prequel to no other show but Sex and the City. It was based on a book of the same name and chronicles Carrie’s days as a senior in high school and her move to New York. And though it saddens me that a great show is about to leave the air, it excites me that another great one takes its place. You will forever be in my heart, Gossip Girl.


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