America’s Next Top Model, Finally Jumping the Shark

It’s an unfortunate thing when a show so good and so fresh has run out of things to do. I am an ANTM fan, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan since Cycle 6 and I’ve watched it from Cycle 1. Who could forget the many great models ANTM has produced?


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “Jumping the Shark“, it is an idiom used when a TV show has finally lost it’s freshness, it’s je ne sais quoi. It usually occurs when a show has departed from or lost the elements that initially made it successful and watchable. One of the notable shows that jumped the shark was “The O.C.”. Now that we’ve established what “jumping the shark” means, I’m gonna tell you the many reasons why I think ANTM has finally jumped in the water, head first, towards the shark to meet it face to face.

It’s an unfortunate thing when a show so good and so fresh has run out of things to do. I am an ANTM fan, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan since Cycle 6 and I’ve watched it from Cycle 1. Who could forget the many great models ANTM has produced? Do you remember Anne Ward, the awkward yet surprisingly photogenic model who won Cycle 15? Or Amanda Swafford from Cycle 3, whose ice-blue eyes have enticed hundreds if not thousands of viewers? Amanda and Michelle Babin from Cycle 7, the first and only set of twins to try-out and make it to the Top 13 who produced shot after shot of incredible photos? I could go on and on and on about these models who were discovered by ANTM, but I already made my point. ANTM, no doubt, is a great show who could deliver results as well as viewers. But when and what made ANTM jump the shark? Here’s few of the reasons:

1. The Friday Night Death Slot

The Friday Night Death Slot is the most dreadful time a show could air. It’s the worst possible time slot in the worst possible day. No one is home at Friday Night. And when Top Model’s latest cycle, Cycle 19, moved to the Friday night death slot, I knew that it was an omen of the cancellation to come.

2. The Unjust Firings of Mr. and Ms. Jay and Nigel Barker

Mr. and Ms.Jay are as iconic to the show, dare I say it, as Tyra Banks herself. It’s one of the elements that made the show so great, Ms. Jay with her wild comments and her famous “Runway Teach” and Mr. Jay with his creativity in directing photo shoots. And plus, the both of them have been there since the show’s inception. Nigel Barker, on the other hand, is an experienced fashion model and photographer. His insight is highly valued. Without him, who would realistically go against Tyra’s views? Nigel is the voice of reason behind Tyra’s crazy, but often fun, disposition. And he has been there since Cycle 2. These 3 are straight up, the Original!

3. Replacing André Leon Talley with, ugh, Kelly Cutrone

It’s not that I hate Kelly Cutrone, but I hate Kelly Cutrone. André Leon Talley had a sensible view. He was the editor-at-large of Vogue. He lives, breaths, and eats FASHION! He is one of the most influential people in Fashion! He was fun and interesting. Why would you follow that judge up with a P.R who isn’t even known in the fashion industry? You got Janice Dickinson, a certified Supermodel, followed by Twiggy, the very first working model who popularize the mod look, then followed by André Leon Talley, one of the most influential people in the entire fashion industry. Why the heck would you put Kelly in the league of those people. People who actually did something for the fashion world!

4. College Edition? Really? COLLEGE EDITION?

Ok, so the All-Stars Cycle was great, it was good and fresh. Cycle 18, British Invasion? Ok I could swallow that. I could even love it. But Cycle 19 The College Edition? Seriously? You want me to watch that? No. Just No!

5. From Vogue to Nylon? Are you serious?

One of the signs a show is in its decline is when sponsors start pulling out. When Vogue Italia became one of the prices, it sealed Top Model’s popularity and certified it to be a real model search. But when you go from THE High Fashion magazine to a magazine that has more actresses, singers and hollywood stars as covers rather than models, there’s something wrong.

6. Public Voting

What is this? American Idol? Why would you incorporate public voting in the search for the next High Fashion, Haute Couture Model? Why? So people could just vote for the pretty face and pass on the real model? We’ve seen how public voting can ruin a show, look at American Idol, the best singers rarely win… Why, why would you do that to a most beloved show as Top Model?

That’s just few of the many many reasons why Top Model, I predict, is in it’s last Cycle. I hate to see this show go, it’s one of my favorites. I love the fashion world but I hate what Top Model has done to itself. It took the basic, essential elements that made the show totally awesome and threw it out the window and when that happens you just get left with a show trying to extend it’s life without really doing anything good and without producing the results it used to. So I bid my final farewell to the show that made me love the fashion industry in hopes that something better, more original and more interesting comes along.

6 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model, Finally Jumping the Shark

  1. I agree, but the thing which most irritates me is that the show is less and less about modeling and fashion photography, more and more about creating a celebrity. It began jumping the shark when they started doing music videos and the commercials. (Thanks, but I like real musicians.) I watched one episode of this season and gave up. Tyra Banks seems to be getting rid of anyone with any personality, in order to maker herself the center. And I love the fake “I went to Harvard” when she hardly has a high school education. Newsflash, Tyra – a couple weeks in a non-degree program does not mean you have attended college. I don’t think everyone needs a college degree, but don’t pretend to have one.

    1. I don’t have any issues with the commercials but when Tyra started with “branding”, I was like are you crazy? They’re beginners in the industry, they don’t need to worry about branding, they need to worry about booking jobs!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Kelly Cutrone was one of the worst additions to this show; I hate how she threatens girls who don’t agree with her by saying stuff like “you don’t know who you’re dealing with.” Public voting was a terrible addition as well, and I honestly wanted to slap Bryan Boy on a weekly basis. This past season, it didn’t seem like they had any hard-hitters in the fashion industry taking part, and I also felt the show wasn’t going to last much longer with they went from Vogue to Nylon…

  3. i cant tell you how much i agree with all the comments and your article? (i don’t know if that’s what you call it, sorry) i loved LOVED the show so much and i loved mr and ms jay & Nigel (!!!!) haha they were 50% of the reason i watched it. But when they left and Kelly (seriously? kelly?) came on i just lost hope in the show and haven’t watched it since. there is just no hope for it left UNLESS the original come back and some other people leave at once.

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