The Joys of Unboxing My Own Blackberry

It has been 2 years now since I first started to covet a Blackberry phone. 2 long years of yearning and wanting to buy one. But, unfortunately, being a student in the Philippines doesn’t exactly give you the means to buy a BB phone, especially considering that it is a high end mobile brand. To understand why I became a “Crackberry” you must first learn how my eyes were opened to the BB World. My friend, Nick, was the first person to get a Blackberry in our circle of friends. He got it at about the same time I got my LG slide phone. He introduced me to the joys of BBM, push email, Twitter for Blackberry and, of course, Facebook for Blackberry. That is when I started to love this phone. And I still remember the feeling of wanting to exchange my new phone for a Blackberry. (hahaha!) Since that day I have longed for a BB phone of my own.

Now 2 years have passed, a lot of BB models have also been released, and so my options started to grow and grow and grow. I’m not gonna go on and on about how I was able to save up to buy one. I’m just gonna tell you what happened the moment I did.

So the moment I got the money for a new phone, I started to look online (because, unfortunately, there are no Blackberry Stores in Australia). I came across which is an online store for all things blackberry. I signed up, gave my credit card info and clicked to buy one. I wanted the Blackberry Curve 9360 because not only is it stylish and chic but really cheap compared to the Bold one. So I clicked “Pay” and the amount was automatically debited to my credit card. That was more than 3 weeks ago, unfortunately, buyers were not informed if the model they want is in stock or not, and I discovered, after 1 whole week of calling and verifying and checking if my phone has been delivered that no future shipments will be delivered of this model to their store. I was angry! They kept telling me the whole week that it was coming, then come Friday and they tell me that no shipments will be made of this products anymore. I paid, 400, freaking, dollars, and you’re not gonna give me my phone?! I got mad and told them to give me a refund. And they did. When I got my money back I went online again, this time on ebay. And I found a Blackberry Distributor in Hong Kong who sells the new Blackberry Bold 9900. YES, the newest BOLD. And they were selling it for only $489. I just have to add $89 and I get the newest BOLD! So I went for it, I clicked “Buy” and then paid for it. After 5 days of waiting, my Blackberry finally arrived this morning in the mail at around 10:00 AM.

I could not tell you how excited and happy I am to be holding a BB 9900. I’m not doing this to brag, I’m doing this to tell the world how excited I am of this new phone. I am literally a Blackberry virgin and this is my very first one. And I am happy because I definitely got my money’s value.

Below are the pictures of the Unboxing (it sounds like a cult ritual, HAHA!):


7 thoughts on “The Joys of Unboxing My Own Blackberry

      1. Exactly! Hahaha, that’s what I keep telling everyone, you get a BB for the data services, if not might as well get an Apple or HTC.

      2. Tama. Well, here it’s not a big deal to have a data plan. All the plans have at least 200 MB of data. But I got one that has unlimited BB apps. I’m so happy I saved up for a BB and not an iPhone…

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