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Sudden Unexplained Almost-A-Year Hiatus

Hi! I know you haven’t heard from me in the longest time. I have been gone for almost a year now, well, not gone gone, but I just stopped writing. I guess you can attribute my sudden leave of absence to the fact that we moved to another country, against my will. Yes, my family and I no longer reside in the beautiful and crowded metropolis I grew up in and called my home; no, we don’t live there anymore(sniffs). We moved to Australia, in the country side, no less (where nothing ever happens). And because I never wanted to leave, and because I was against moving here ever since my parents considered it, I lost my voice. I lost my inspiration, but more than that, I lost myself…and I am still lost.

I couldn’t find it in my heart to write anymore. The comfort I once found in writing was gone. The familiarity I so loved when I would write disappeared. I could no longer write. And because of that I lost me. But then a couple of days ago, a manager in Mcdonald’s where I work told me that he “found something called The Humble Harlot“. He continued on to tell me that I am a good writer, but all I could think of was: I was a good writer, but not anymore. It reminded me how much I loved writing before going here. It reminded me how much I loved my life. It brought me back to a time where I would actually get up early in the morning to greet the world with a smile. Those were the days. If he never approached me, I would have never again opened my wordpress account: The Scribbler.

You may be wondering, so what?! What gave you your voice? What gave you the strength to write again? Why are you back? To tell you a definite answer would be lying because I, myself, do not know why. I do not know what writing here will do to me. Will it give me comfort? I don’t know. Maybe. Will it bring back familiar images? I hope so. Will it help me find myself? I wish it will. I’d like to think so. Whatever the reason be for my return, I hope that it helps me find me again.


About Jehu Dagohoy

Jehu fancies himself a writer. He blogs about anything and everything. He loves hearty meals and a good book. He loves to eat, write and sleep (a lot). And he currently resides in Australia.


3 thoughts on “Sudden Unexplained Almost-A-Year Hiatus

  1. Hey there! Follow me back jehu!

    Posted by Whole Hearted | July 10, 2012, 5:25 PM

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