This is a REBLOG of one of my posts before I had a Wordpress account. I wrote this on July 2010.


This is a REBLOG of one of my posts before I had a WordPress account. I wrote this on July 2010.


Let me get a bit sentimental here. Last night a storm has fallen on the Philippines. It was wild, the wind left no stone unturned, and no house undisturbed. It was scary. The wind seemed unrelenting and it didn’t show any signs of ever leaving. There was a city-wide black-out and the night seemed lengthy, like the sun would never come up. It seemed endless. It seemed like morning would never come…but it did.

As the wind left, and as the sun rose, the relieved sighs of the people could be heard. As morning came, I went outside to clean the mess the passing storm left. Leaves were found everywhere, twigs, branches, gutters, it was a mess. And as I started sweeping them I realized something, the trees that used to contain so many leaves are now a distant memory. The trees still had leaves but they were very few already. I looked on the leaves that were on the ground and I saw that they were dry, leaves that were already unattached to the tree even before the storm began. And as I looked around some trees weren’t even standing anymore. They were uprooted, destroyed, GONE. Then, God spoke.

“My son,” He said, “people are like these trees. They are full of leaves, burdens, baggage, titles, pride. The leaves that fell were the leaves that were of no use. They were in the tree but not attached to it. These leaves are unnecessary. They were dead long before the storm came, it was just that the trees weren’t letting go of them.” “What about the trees that were uprooted, LORD?”, I asked. “The trees that fell, the trees that were uprooted were the trees who weren’t strong enough.” He explained further, “these were the trees that needed to ‘understand’ what I was doing. They were so busy trying to ‘understand’ that they forgot to trust ME. and without ME you will fall. You will be destroyed. While the trees that remained standing were the trees who fully understood that they didn’t need to ‘understand’ what I was doing. They understood that all they had to do was trust me.”

“God, why did you send a storm? Why did you do it,” I asked. “Because sometimes I send storms to remove the things that are of no use. To change people. To remove baggage, hurt, pain, to remove unnecessary things,” He continued, “Because I love you. And because I love people.”

And as I looked on the remaining trees, I saw beauty, I saw the workmanship of God. I saw His masterpiece. And then I was amazed…

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