Update V.1

I haven’t blogged since last month. I know. But I’ve been busy. Really busy. And this is an update for everyone who reads my blogs.

Update # 1

I now have a job! Yes! You read that right. I. Have. A. Job. I got it last July 4. Yey! Income here I come! I’ll start my training at APAC on August 15. And my working hours is from 7 pm to 4 am. Yes. I’m on a graveyard shift. But no worries, I can stay awake the whole time. And plus, I get to check-in at foursquare at midnight during a school night to get the School Night Badge!

Update # 2

After getting the job, my grandfather’s sister was confined to the hospital. And since I was the only one free (free, meaning doing nothing at home), I took care of her in the hospital. She was released after a week and we accompanied her home to the province.

Update # 3

Inspiration has been elusive lately. I’d get inspired and I’d start to write but then in the middle of my writing, inspiration would just leave me. And I couldn’t find it in me to continue writing. In the month that has passed I’ve had 5 unfinished blogs. Yes, 5. It’s like I had a big writer’s block. (I’ll write about my writer’s block in another blog)

That is what has been happening lately in my life. II’ll write back again soon. SRSLY.


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