Job Hunting Update

I know that I haven’t seriously blogged since last week. It was because I was so busy prepping for a job exam and a job interview. Now here is the update.

Job Hunting Status: Found 1 Job

Yes, JobStreet helped me land a job exam. One company, which shall be called Company for I do not want to name names, emailed me the other day. The email said, and I quote, “We wish to invite you for an Exam for System Analyst position, this coming Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 1:00pm. Please bring your RESUME.

So that is what happened. 1 company already emailed me. I was so excited because I really needed a job right now. And plus, I get to write programs (which is something I’m good at). It may not be a writer but I get to do what I studied for.

The Job Exam

So come June 1, I came to the Company’s office at Makati. Upon arrival to the office I noticed that there were other applicants waiting, about 10 or so. I arrived at the office an hour early so I had time to just breathe, relax, get the feel of the Company, and observe the other applicants. At around 1:15 pm we were told to sign in and to submit our Resumes and so we did. Then a woman came out of the door and told us to follow her into the exam room. She then proceeded to give us the test papers.

We were given an aptitude test. It was fairly easy but the problem was time. We were only given an hour to finish the exam and it was not enough, at least for me. I was going back and forth from the test paper to the answer sheet. I did my best but still I didn’t finish the exam.

I had 30 items left answering when the lady who gave us the exam said, “Ok! Time’s up. Please pass your papers.”

I said, “Oh well. If this is God’s will, this is God’s will.”

And so we all passed our papers. We were escorted back to the waiting area. We were also told to wait for our exam results. The position I was applying for had a 50 percentile passing score. After 30 minutes, I was called and was told that I passed (Thank You Lord!). And I was also told that I still had to take the Programmer’s Test. I said OK.

I was given 4 programming problems. I tried my best to answer all of it. After an hour I gave my paper back and I was told to wait, again, to see if I passed. I waited for about 15 minutes when my name was called. I nervously approached the lady who called me. Anxious to know if I passed, I asked her. She told me that I did (Wooh! Thank You Lord, again!) and that I should come back tomorrow, June 2, for the interview at around 9 am. I happily said my thanks and goodbyes.

The Job Interview

Today, June 2, I came to the Company’s office again. I was an hour early so I got to relax again. While waiting to be called, I started psyching myself out (which I totally shouldn’t have done). It started making me jumpy and nervous. I was totally anxious. 9 am came and so they started calling names of those who will be interviewed. When the called my name, I was jumpy. And I totally made a fool of myself.

When I came in the office to be interviewed, a warm smile greeted me. It’s as if the interviewer is saying, “Relax. Calm Down. Breathe.” And so I started warming up to him. We talked for about 20 minutes. And then my interview was done. In my opinion, it went well (but I don’t wanna get ahead of myself). He told me that I’d know by Wednesday.

I’m approaching this chapter of my life with bended knees and a prayerful attitude. It’s still God’s will. As I wait for Wednesday, I’m still anxious but I’m trusting the Lord and I trust that His plans for me are the best. Continue praying with me as well as for me. I’ll update my blog soon if I got it or not.


4 thoughts on “Job Hunting Update

  1. waw naka relate ako !! hmmm okey lang yan ako nga di ko na mabilang ang job interviews na aking na pag daanan 🙂 keep planting and planting ! for sure makukuha ka rin 🙂 haharvest ka rin 😀

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