Life of a Job Hunter

 This looks like me right now

Looking for the Perfect Job

Oh boy! Job hunting is much more difficult than it looks. I already had an account in JobStreet months before I graduated. So, I was already receiving job updates via email. I thought that because I was receiving so many job updates, it would be a walk in the park to look for one, but was I wrong. It has been difficult, so far, to land a job that I love. It’s not that easy. You really have to look hard.

Dream Job: to be a Writer

Yes, I wanna be a writer. Isn’t it obvious? I started blogging because writing is my first love. It has always been an industry that I longed to be a part of. I mean, what could be better? You get to use your creativity when you write. And the thing I love most about writing is the feeling you get when you just finish a work, no matter how long it took, no matter how many rough drafts you made, it’s just worth it. I love that feeling. And if ever I would work, I’d love to be able to do what I love.

Medium of Hunting: JobStreet

As I mentioned awhile ago, JobStreet is the site I’ve been using to look for a job. So far, I have submitted my Curriculum Vitae, or Resume for those of you who do not know the term (by the way you can go check out my Resume here, for you employers out there), to 9 companies so far. Yes, 9 companies. You can’t be too sure, right? The companies range from IT related work (which is the course I graduated from) to writing and advertising (which is what I’d really love to do). Right now, I’m just waiting for the companies to contact me. Hopefully, they do soon. Because I’m really getting anxious. I hope they pick me above the rest. I hope I’m qualified enough. I’m just gonna face this chapter of my life kneeling on my knees and praying.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

You know that feeling you get when you really know the answer to your teacher’s question and you just go, “Pick me! Pick me! I know what the answer is”? Well, that’s how I feel right now. So I just hope that all the companies I applied to would contact me for an interview. It’s still God’s will and not mine that shall be done.


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