Nostalgia the Rain Brings

As of now, 2:36 pm of the date May 25, 2011, it is officially raining! The breeze, the downpour, the deafening sound of thunder, it marks the fall of rain. And I love every single bit of it.

With a cereal bowl  in one hand and a laptop in the other, I amblogging. And though many are overwhelmed by the depressing feeling brought by this sudden rain, I am inspired by it. Ever since I was little I have loved the rain. It has always been comforting for me, and no, I don’t know why that is but it is what it is. Perhaps it is the cold breeze rain brings that just relaxes me. Perhaps it’s the comforting sound of the roaring thunder which reminds me that I am live. Or perhaps even the fear rain brings, the doubt if tomorrow will be ok. I don’t find the rain depressing or sad. Actually, I’m quite happy when rain falls. The rain for me has deep deep meaning, it means renewal for me, refreshing. It means the old is gone and the new has come. So to all the rain fans here, rain on!


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