Blogging is Writing


Enoch, my youngest brother, asked me one time, “Do you update your blog everyday?”

I said, “Well, no and, besides, right now I have writer’s block.”

“Blogging is not writing!” he blurted out with a very annoying tone.

And, then, I suddenly realized that when I blog, I do write (or type, whichever you prefer). I may not be a traditional writer, per-say, but I do what a writer does. I take an idea and I explore it. I may not use a quilt and a scroll, a pen and a paper, or a typewriter, but blogging is the new form of writing. It helps one person explore his creativity, his imagination.

Blogging is writing because you do get to explore yourself, you get to wander your mind, you get to tour your imagination. When you blog, you write. You rattle your brain with ideas and topics, you try to make something interesting. You try to make your work amazing. You put effort into what you write. You put a part of yourself in what you blog. You expose yourself, your inner thoughts to the people who read your blog. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what a writer does? He imparts himself on what he writes. He puts his mind and heart into his work. Isn’t it what a writer is about? Isn’t it what writing is about? Some of the most provocative written works I’ve read came from blogs and bloggers. We are in a technological age, I say that people need to embrace the fact that to most of the youth a book is not as appealing a blog. I’m not saying that books are becoming outdated, what I’m saying is that there should be no discrimination between bloggers and writers, because at the end of the day don’t both of them write?

So, yes, I may not be a traditional writer, but I am a writer still. So to anyone who says that blogging is not writing, I say to heck with you. BLOGGERS ARE WRITERS!

And, then, I finally answered him, “BLOGGING IS WRITING!


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