Camp SOLID in less than 3 Days

The count down is nearing an end. Yes, it’s camp (finally!), but I don’t know kung kakabahan ba ako or mae-excite. For the first time, in the longest time, I don’t know how to feel or what to say (and I ALWAYS have something to say). I, honestly, am at a lost for words. You see, this would be the first time that I would be handling a group, if ever. I’ve always been the camper until now. I always have a leader to look on to. And now, I am the leader that, hopefully, would set a good example for the people I would handle. Grabe na to, Lord. Grace mo na lang talaga, Lord, IKAW na lang talaga ang nag hohold sa akin.

This is the final stretch, the climax to all our hard work. This is why we were raising funds. To touch the lives of these young people, to love them like God does. This is it. Lord, sa iyo na talaga lahat to!


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