PhotoBooth for Windows

I was looking for the Photobooth App that can be installed for Windows 7. And I actually found one thanks to RockinEvilX of Youtube. He uploaded this tutorial video together with the website link where I can download it. And I must say it was totally awesome! Below are few of the test shots I've [...]



It's raining again. And the rain just makes me so nostalgic. I have been reminiscent, lately, of my high school days. And no, I'm not thinking about all the things I did wrong, I'm thinking of all the things I did right. You see the pictures above? They're few of my closest friends, lunchmates. I miss everyone [...]

Life of a Job Hunter

  Looking for the Perfect Job Oh boy! Job hunting is much more difficult than it looks. I already had an account in JobStreet months before I graduated. So, I was already receiving job updates via email. I thought that because I was receiving so many job updates, it would be a walk in the park [...]