Will You Still Love Him?

A couple of nights ago I watched Facing the Giants. It’s one great, inspiring, and moving Christian movie. And I couldn’t stop crying. There was this scene that really made me cry. It was when Grant asked Brooke, “Will you still love God even if He doesn’t give us a child?”

It tugged my heart because in a lot of ways it speaks to me. I used to only “love” God when it was convenient for me, when He gives me what I ask when I ask for it, and when He does what I want Him to do. For Brooke and Grant, it was a child they were asking God to give them. For some, it might be a stable job. For others, it might be a husband or wife. But what if God doesn’t give it you? What if God had other plans for you? What if God knew it wasn’t right time? Will you still trust Him? Will you still love Him?

When God says no, it isn’t because He likes seeing His child “suffer” and it isn’t because He is “punishing” you. It’s because He has greater, grander, and better plans for you. So when He does say no, will you still love Him?

When God says wait, it isn’t because He likes seeing you beg. It isn’t because He is a power-hungry God who likes to withhold good things from His children. But rather, God wants to teach you something. He wants to teach you the value of waiting, the importance of patience, and the reward of delayed gratification. So when He says wait, will you still love Him?

When God says yes, He knows that it is the perfect time to give you what you need. His timing is impeccable, it is perfect. When He says yes it only means that He is evermore kind and evermore loving. And when He does say yes, will you be thankful?

For Grant and Brooke the answer was wait. And though the answer was wait, they still loved Him. They waited, in patience, in trust, and in love. Although, at that moment, Brooke and Grant was going through pain because of that waiting, they still waited patiently. And when God gave them the child they were asking for, they were very grateful. That scene makes my eyes swell up with tears every time I watch it.

And so while we wait for that yes, let us wait with a thankful heart. Let us wait in love and in trust, that God will give us what we need in His perfect time. He will see us through.

When He says wait or when He says no, will you still love Him?


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