Jesus Restored Me!

Jesus Restored Me

I was at the mall today. And I was waiting for my parents who briefly went to the toilet. And while I was standing there, a man wearing shirt that read, “Jesus Restored Me” walked passed me. I wanted to stop and ask him where he got the shirt, but my shame got the better of me.

And then I realized, the moment I gave my life to Jesus, the process of slowly being restored started for me. I realized that when we allow Jesus to restore us, He restores us…completely.  He does not hesitate, He does not weigh in the “pros and cons”. He just completely restores us. He doesn’t call us out for all the mistakes we committed, all the bad choices we made or all the rebellion we acted out.

I’ve realized more and more as I pondered upon what I saw, that when Jesus restores us, we are completely restored. We’re not like torn clothes being sewed on with patches, no, we are like new clothes. It’s as if there was not even a tear in the first place. We are renewed. And not only that but we are made a new!

God doesn’t make trash, He doesn’t create garbage. He makes masterpieces, works of art, He makes beauty.


6 thoughts on “Jesus Restored Me!

  1. HEEEEY, I like reading your thoughts, but don’t limit yourself to this kind of subject matter. Write about society, life, the environment, school, family and friends! There’s so much to scribble about! You know who I am!

  2. Amen to that! God doesn’t make trash He makes beautiful things! We are a new creation because of Jesus! Your post reminded me of the song “Beautiful Things” …He makes beautiful things out of us if we’ll just let him.

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