The Privilege of Participation

Stop me if you've heard this before or if you yourself have thought or said this. "Everybody gets a trophy nowadays! This is why kids today are so 'sensitive'." Today, I happened across a Facebook post by Josh and Leigh, who are my pastors. It was of their daughter receiving a participation certificate for participating [...]

Filipino Diaspora: The Duality of the Immigrant Identity

I had dinner with a few of my other Asian-Australian friends the other night and we started sharing our own immigrant experiences and how our personal immigrant identity formed. Most of them were born here in Australia or moved here while they were young (as pre-teens or as toddlers). My family and I moved to [...]

I am an Intersectional Feminist.

I'm an intersectional feminist. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. You may have heard the word "intersectional" flung around nonchalantly before, or you might not have even heard of the term until now. What is it? Why is it? Who's it for? And why am I one? I know it can be a daunting and confusing term, so let me break it down for you and explain why I am an intersectional feminist.